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About Us

Our Philosophy
1. Based on the principle of bible to practice the business;
2. To provide the harmony working environment for our companion to grow and develop;
3. To provide the high-quality and valuable services to clients

Pioneers of Vietnam Services
Kingsway Logistics Company Limited provides comprehensive international transportation services. With its base in Hong Kong, Kingsway is ideally placed to serve the inland of Vietnam, a market in which we have unequaled expertise.
We can be your exclusive transportation consultant by our many years’ intensive studies of the market. Our aims are become your biz partner & provide transportation consult to be effective freight transportation. This is the mission of Kingsway Logistics to become a leading neutral routing information consultant, effective cargo consolidator & multimodal transport supplier.

One-Stop Total Solution Services
Kingsway Logistics Company Limited acts as one-stop & total solution services provider in order to monitor the whole logistics process, from cargo receiving & custom formality to the cargo delivery. Which are including management arrival notice, written notice, payment processing, import and export document and so on. We supervise the logistics flow in details from our expertise; make sure you are consigning shipment to consummate under the one-stop network as a result with quickly & safely delivery to the destination.

Competitive Price
Kingsway Logistics Company Limited understands that how we can assists client superiorly to enjoy the economic efficiency and effectively price in order to have a valuable services, by the reason of our experience in the logistics field. Kingsway has aspirations to share with our partner, You can pleasantly surprised & discover we can provide valuable services you paid & what you are deserves.

Efficiency & effectively
Kingsway Logistics Company Limited follow up and supervise each step of freight transportation procedure, We provide extra care with preferential benefit compared to other firms with higher efficiency and quality in result service.

Tailor-made Services
Nowadays, we are in the complex business environment, the freight transportation often needs special processing and arrangement. No matter you needs to ship the goods which are the dangerous material, the valuables, the bulkily cargo, furniture or the other shipments which is require extra care processes. Kingsway can assists client appropriately depends on the cargo category by our experienced to tailor-made it & advise fittingly delivery services mode.